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Painter Tutorial: Lord Of The Rings Characters Portraits 8 Comments Read more »

Painter Tutorial: Lord Of The Rings Characters Portraits

This tutorial explains the technique I used to paint portraits of 2 characters from the Lord Of The Rings movie using Corel Painter. The tutorial highlight: settings for the painbrush tool as used in this image shows you how to obtain a painterly style in…

Photoshop and Painter Tutorial: Monkey VS Robot 4 Comments Read more »

Photoshop and Painter Tutorial: Monkey VS Robot

This tutorial explains how I used Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet to create a digital illustration for the Shadowfist Trading Card Game featuring a cybernetic monkey fighting against a robot. This tutorial also appeared on the the book Digital Fantasy Painting Workshop…

Photoshop Tutorial : Howling Digital Painting 13 Comments Read more »

Photoshop Tutorial : Howling Digital Painting

This Photoshop and Wacom Tablet tutorial originally published in the Digital Fantasy Painting Workshop book by Ilex Press, explains how I created the Howling digital painting illustration. The image features an angry demon ripping the heart off his victim’s chest (beware: nudity). The tutorials provides…

Eye candy: A “Lost” caricature.. 9 Comments Read more »

Eye candy: A “Lost” caricature..

Pardon the pun 😉 Enjoy this caricature I did today of three of the main players in season 3. Yes, I watch Lost. I hate to admit it. Comments are welcome! p.s. Watch out for those bug-eyes!

Photoshop & Painter Tutorial : Mad Scientist 13 Comments Read more »

Photoshop & Painter Tutorial : Mad Scientist

This tutorial shows how to draw create a digital illustration of a mad scientist doing a crazy experiment! I was asked to write this tutorial by CGTALK.COM for their articles section (see here). Also, this tutorial was featured on the book Digital Sci-Fi Art: A…

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Tutorial : Painting a digital portrait

This tutorial explains my technique for creating a digital portrait. Step by step instructions on how I go about painting a face portrait using Painter. This approach also works for Photoshop. A tablet (Wacom or any other with pressure sensitivity) is a must-have requirement. Enjoy!

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This is Cool: Totally Cool Things

Oh.. the fun! How many times have you found yourself pronouncing the magical words “this is cool”? I hope often! Because moments like that should come to us in buckets.. or bucket-fulls? Anyways, here I am going to show you what made me exclaim “COOL” with…

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The Geek Moment: too often or never enough?

This is supposed to be the fun-filled, fun-bursting, fun-tastical section of my site where I come up with geek-dom related stories.. expect especially hilarious recantations of moments where I have experienced geekiness in its highest form! Like.. the day I realized I had spent too much…

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Eye Candy: Sweet sugar for the eye

Let’s start the eye candy section with an image from Caravaggio, my favorite classic painter from all time. I naturally evolved a style similar to his, for my oil paintings. I have seen his works in person, back when I was in Italy and still,…

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WordPress: The best blogging tool

I decided to use WordPress as the platform for the new version of my site because in my opinion, it is the best (free!) blogging software available at the moment. I have done several installations and customizations of WordPress in the past few months and…

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