WordPress: The best blogging tool

WordpressI decided to use WordPress as the platform for the new version of my site because in my opinion, it is the best (free!) blogging software available at the moment. I have done several installations and customizations of WordPress in the past few months and have had a chance to integrated many plugins into themes I custom designed. 

If you have some CSS, php and web-design skill, you can turn WordPress into more than just a blogging software: it can be made into a content management system, integrated with your forum and gallery. 

I will be posting about my experiences with WordPress once in a while, including tips on how to customize it, my list of must-have plug-ins, my 2 cents on themes.. and maybe even the theme for this website if I get enough requests for it (hint.. hint).

So, check back often!

3 Comments to WordPress: The best blogging tool

  1. I probably won’t be doing an art blog (I’ve discouraged myself enough already), but I love this layout. Since all I really know how to do is change colors around, and that’s all I’d really WANT to do with this layout, definitely make it a theme! It rocks.

  2. roberto

    Eric: Thanks for your comment 🙂 Yes.. I will release this theme shortly. I just have to make 100% XHTML compliant first and fix a small alignment issue. Thanks again 🙂

  3. Roberto Iza

    Is it Facebook-compatible?

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