Welcome to my new blog!

Finally! It’s here, my new site has arrived!

There will be much more content than ever:

  • A revamped gallery
  • Regularly updated news section
  • Downloads - In this section I’ll share some of my photoshop brushes, textures and tool presets
  • Eye Candy – Links to great art I find while browsing the web
  • Gallery Updates – Check here to see what’s new in my gallery
  • Photoshop Tutorials and Tips – The crown jewel of my site! My intention is to post a new tutorial or tip every single week. So, make sure to come back often.
  • Rants – Rants and raves about whatever bugs me or makes me tick.
  • The Geek Moment – The quintessential geekdom funhouse. When I see or do geeky things, you’ll hear about it here.
  • This is cool – If I come accross something COOL, this is where it will be told.
  • Web Design – Tips, links, ideas on web-design, css, dhtml, javascript and more.
  • WordPress – My WordPress wisdom, tips, customization and maybe.. maybe..even my themes ;)

This should be enough to keep me pretty busy for the next decade… wish me good luck!


1 Comment to Welcome to my new blog!

  1. This is great! I am so glad you turned your webpage into a blog! Aren’t they so much fun? Now I can bug you here too! :)

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